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Gartoon-Gnome-desktop-config.png(128 × 129 pixlar, filstorlek: 13 kbyte, MIME-typ: image/png)

Image from the Gartoon icon set from Zeus.

PD-icon.svg Upphovsrätt kan inte tillämpas på detta verk som därmed hamnar i public domain; detta på grund av att verket enbart består av information som är allmän egendom och saknar verkshöjd.

On 06 Feb 06, at 18:15, Berto wrote: > > Dear Zeus > I am a participant of the wikipedia project. I started some time ago to upload the gartoon icons on the wikipedia commons (the place where we keep images that should be avalable to all wikipedia projects all around the world) but some doubt about the licence arised. > I'd like to know under which licence you released your gartoon icons (I think it's GFDL but it's better to be sure about it) and if you agree to have your icons on wikipedia pages. Gartoon is licensed under GPL . Thank you for inserting my gartoon icons to the wikipedia commons. Gartoon is old but it still spreading through the globe :) .

> Thank you for your time Sorry for very late reply, i was very busy, and still busy :)

> p.s. > Forgive my all-but-perfect english. It's not my first language. No problem, english is not my mother tongue either. > > p.p.s > You can check to see what I did 'till now. We don't want to infinge any copyright so we need your permission to go on and/or to correct. If you don't reply or if you deny your permission these images will be deleted.

It's look great.


Kuswanto Zeus Box Studio [-]


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nuvarande9 september 2005 kl. 09.55Miniatyrbild för versionen från den 9 september 2005 kl. 09.55128 × 129 (13 kbyte)BertoImage from the Gartoon icon set from [ Zeus]. This image is released under the [ Design Science Licence]. Free Software Foundation judged this licence compatible with the [

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