Lil' Romeo (musikalbum)

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Lil' Romeo
Studioalbum av Lil' Romeo
Utgivning 3 juli 2001
Genre Hip hop, rap
Skivbolag No Limit Records
Producent Master P
Lil' Romeo-kronologi
Lil' Romeo
Game Time

Lil' Romeo är rapparen Lil' Romeos (nu Romeo) debutalbum. Albumet sålde första veckan 198.000 exemplar.

Låtlista[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "Little Star"
  2. "My Baby"
  3. "The Girlies"
  4. "That's Kool" (feat. Lil' D)
  5. "Somebody's In Love"
  6. "Make You Dance"
  7. "My First"
  8. "I Want to Be Like You"
  9. "Little Soldiers Need Love Too"
  10. "Your ABC's"
  11. "When I Get Grown"
  12. "Remember"
  13. "Where They At" (feat. Master P)
  14. "Game"
  15. "Don't Want To"
  16. "What"
  17. "Take My Pain Away" (feat. Lil' Zane)