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Användning[redigera wikitext]

Overview[redigera wikitext]

This is a translation of the de:Vorlage:Imagemap from the german Wikipedia. It is more powerful than the normal Imagemap-Template. ImageMap for linking image to other address rather than to its own image description page only.

Format[redigera wikitext]

 | image= 
 | width= 
 | link= 
 | Alt= 
 | tooltip= 
 | form= 
 | desc= 


{{Imagemap | image | link | Alternativtext | width}}

Parameters[redigera wikitext]

Long[redigera wikitext]

Parameters which are duty are written in big letters.

image The image, which should be shown. Without image:.
width The width which should be used (also possible: frameless und upright).
link The Lemma or the page, which should be linked . If empty, the description of the picture will be used. If form (see later) is used, no link will be used.

The link also can be weblink, if he starts with http://, https://, ftp:// oder ftps://.

Alt Alternativtext which should bei used. Alternativtext. If empty, tooltip or link will be used. This one should be used anyway!
tooltip tooltip-text which is shown, when the cursor is a certain time on the picture. If empty, link will be used.
form form like in MediaWiki Extension ImageMap, section „Syntax description“ explained (poly, rect und circle). See also: ImageMapEdit.
desc Where should the logo that links to the description page of the picture be placed? Possible data: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, none. If nothing is given bottom-left will be used.
inline Please write x , if the image will be placed in continuous text.

Short[redigera wikitext]

In the short form just write: {{Imagemap|image|link|Alternativtext|width}} Only the first paramter is needed, but it is better to use the first three anyway.

Examples[redigera wikitext]

{{Bildmap|link={{TALKPAGENAME}}|image=Example.jpg|width=frameless|Alt=Exampleimage|tooltip=Zur Disk}}

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