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{{Emoji (Unicode)}} ger en lista över enskilda kodpunkter för emojier i Unicode.

It uses the same style as the Unicode block charts but emoji are not contained in a single Unicode block (and there's no Unicode block named "Emoji").

  • The list only contains singletons: Sequences containing multiple emoji are not shown.
  • Emoji with a default presentation of "text" are followed by U+FE0F VS16 to indicate an "emoji" presentation.
  • U+0023, 002A, and 0030–0039 are excluded because they're keycap base characters, for example #️⃣ (U+0023 NUMBER SIGN U+FE0F VS16 U+20E3 COMBINING ENCLOSING KEYCAP).
  • Regional indicator symbols (U+1F1E6–1F1FF) are excluded because they're used in pairs.

Usage[redigera wikitext]

Display the list with no special formatting:

{{Emoji (Unicode)}}

Display the list using specific fonts:

{{Emoji (Unicode)|fontfam='Segoe UI Emoji','Segoe UI Symbol'}}