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This template is used to create a world choropleth map where certain countries are highlighted as needed.

Parameters[redigera wikitext]

  • basemap: Sets the base file to be used for getting the JSON data and creating boundaries. Optimally, this would mean that it would be easy to change files as needed for different administrative divisions, but it is currently reccomended not to use that parameter and allow the template to keep its default value.
  • [any two digit country code (must be uppercase)]: Sets the color that that country will be in on the map (for example IT=green would color Italy green and TD=#f53aaa would color Chad in the color produced by hex RGB code #f53aaa). The template uses ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 for the country code. There are, however, some exceptions for (partly) unrecognized states:


  • scale: Sets the size of the map. There is no exact width-height control available. By default, this is set to 90.
  • projection: Sets what projection the map will use. By default it is set to equirectangular. Here are some available projections - be warned that not all of them work.

Usage[redigera wikitext]



{{Graph:Map|DE=green|FR=#a12aaa|CN=#000000|IT=green|scale=100|projection=mercator}} (note that French Guiana is also colored in) Mall:Graph:MapF

Because of Lua functionality, you can now make maps with numerical values and sliding color scales.

Examples[redigera wikitext]

{{en:Template:JAL destmap}} - Map of Japan Airlines destinations

{{JAL destmap|scale=100}} Mall:JAL destmap

Issues[redigera wikitext]

Very small countries (Singapore, Vatican City) and supranational groups aren't shown on the map. Also, unless if the map is in its own template, it is hard to get a bigger version to show up.

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