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Användning[redigera wikitext]

Usage[redigera wikitext]

{{Plainlist}} starts a plain, or unbulleted, list, such as:

It uses proper HTML list markup, which is more standards-compliant and more accessible than separating list items with <br />. Detailed reasons for using this template can be found at WP:UBLIST.

This template can be used with or without {{endplainlist}}. It is an alternative to {{Unbulleted list}}, which performs the same function in a more concise but less wiki-style manner.

Exempel[redigera wikitext]

Markup Renders as
{{Plainlist |
* [[katt]]
* [[hund]]
* [[häst]]
* [[ko]]
* [[får]]
* [[gris]]


 Alternative syntax[redigera wikitext]


( {{Plainlist}} | * [[katt]] * [[hund]] * [[häst]] * [[ko]] * [[får]] * [[gris]] {{endplainlist}}


Parametrar[redigera wikitext]

  • class – adds a CSS class to the containing div.
  • style – adds CSS style options. Complex styles should not be used in articles (per wp:deviations) but may be acceptable on user, project, and talk pages.
Example: |style=border:solid 1px silver; background:lightyellow
  • indent – indents the list by a number of standard indents (one indent being 1.6em), particularly handy for inclusion in an indented discussion thread.
Example: |indent=2

Metod[redigera wikitext]

{{Plainlist}} works by constructing a div with the CSS class "plainlist" which has the following style:

.plainlist ul {line-height:inherit; list-style:none none; margin:0}
.plainlist ul li {margin-bottom:0}

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