Things to Make and Do

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Things to Make and Do är musikduon Molokos tredje studioalbum, utgivet 31 oktober 2000. Singeln "The Time Is Now" blev en stor hit och nådde andraplatsen på den brittiska singellistan.

Låtlista[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "Radio Moscow"
  2. "Pure Pleasure Seeker"
  3. "Absent Minded Friends"
  4. "Indigo"
  5. "Being Is Bewildering"
  6. "Remain the Same"
  7. "A Drop in the Ocean"
  8. "Dumb Inc."
  9. "The Time Is Now"
  10. "Mother"
  11. "It's Your Problem"
  12. "It's Nothing"
  13. "Bingo Massacre"
  14. "Somebody Somewhere"
  15. "Just You and Me Dancing"
  16. "If You Have a Cross to Bear You May as Well Use It as a Crutch"
  17. "Keep Stepping"
  18. "Sing It Back" (Boris' Musical Mix)