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Tom & Jerry Kids Show

Från Wikipedia
Tom & Jerry Kids Show
OriginaltitelTom & Jerry Kids Show
Tom & Jerry Kids
RegissörDon Lusk
Paul Sommer
Carl Urbano
Oscar Dufau (Säsong 1)
Robert Alvarez (Säsong 1 & 3–4)
Jay Sarbry (Säsong 3–4)
Ray Patterson (övervakande regissör)
MedverkandeFrank Welker
William Callaway
Teresa Ganzel
Richard Gautier
Phil Hartman
Don Messick
Charlie Adler
Patric Zimmerman
MusikTom Worrall
Gary Lionelli (Säsong 2–4)
Antal avsnitt65
Längd (per avsnitt)21 minuter
(7 minuter per kort)
Antal säsonger4
ProduktionsbolagHanna-Barbera Productions
Turner Entertainment
Exekutiv producentWilliam Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Paul Sabella (Endast säsong 1)
Jack Petrik (medverkande producent)
ProducentDon Jurwich
Joseph Barbera (Säsong 2–4)
Kay Wright (medproducent, Säsong 3–4)
RedaktörGil Iverson
Tim Iverson
Pat Foley (Säsong 1)
Tom Gleason (Säsong 3–4)
DistributörTurner Entertainment
OriginalkanalFox (Fox Kids)
Originalvisning8 september 19904 december 1993
LjudformatDolby Surround
Relaterade programThe Tom and Jerry Comedy Show
Mästerdetektiven Droopy
Tom and Jerry Tales

Tom & Jerry Kids Show var en tecknad tv-serie med Tom och Jerry 1990 till 1993. Det fanns också en spin-off med titeln Mästerdetektiven Droopy. Droopy Master Detective på engelska. Hanna Barbera samarbetade med Turner Entertainment när de gjorde serien. Fyra säsonger spelades in och sammanlagt 65 avsnitt visades.

Regissörer[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Röster[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Svenska röster[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Danska röster[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  • Lars Thiesgaard
  • Peter Røschke - 1996

Avsnitt[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Säsong 1 (1991)[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. The Planet Dogmania; McWolfula; Catawumpus Cat
  2. Pest in the West; Double 'O' Droopy; Tom, the Babysitter
  3. Gas Blaster Puss; Fear of Flying; Mess Hall Mouser
  4. Toliver's Twist; Boomer Beaver; Pony Express Droopy
  5. Krazy Klaws; Tyke on a Bike; Tarmutt of the Apes
  6. Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up; Here's Sand in Your Face; Deep Space Droopy
  7. Termi-Maid; The Fish That Shoulda Got Away; Droopy's Rhino
  8. The Break n' Entry Boyz; Love Me, Love My Zebra; Dakota Droopy Returns
  9. Doom Manor; Barbecue Bust-Up; The Fabulous Droopy & Dripple
  10. S.O.S# Ninja; The Pink Powder Puff Racer; Car Wash Droopy
  11. Go-Pher Help; Downhill Droopy; Down in the Dumps
  12. Catastrophe Cat; Droopy & the Dragon; Wildmouse II
  13. Tom's Double Trouble; High Seas Hijinks; Just Rambling Along

Säsong 2 (1992)[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. The Watchcat; Go with the Floe; Pooches in Peril
  2. Catch as Cat Can; I Dream of Cheezy; Fraidy Cat
  3. Sing Along with Slowpoke; Dakota Droopy & the Great Train Robbery; Droopy Law
  4. Stunt Cat; See No Evil; This Is No Picnic
  5. Scrapheap Symphony; Circus Cat; Cajun Gumbo
  6. Hunter Pierre; Battered Up; Conquest of the Planet Irwin
  7. Big Top Droopy; Jerry & the Beanstalk; High Speed Hounds
  8. Penthouse Mouse; Twelve Angry Sheep; The Ant Attack
  9. Mouse with a Message; It's the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr# McWolf; Wild World of Bowling
  10. Star Wrek; Droop & Deliver; Swallow the Swallow
  11. Lightning Bolt-The Super Squirrel-Strikes Again; Surely You Joust; Rootin' Tootin' Slowpoke
  12. Firehouse Mouse; The Wrath of Dark Wolf; Pound Hound
  13. The Ghost of Castle McLochjaw; A Thousand Clones; Roughing It

Säsong 3 (1993-1994)[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. As the Cheese Turns; McWerewolf of London; Grab That Bird
  2. Cave Mouse; McWolfenstein Returns; Destructive Construction
  3. Alien Mouse; Droopy Man; Abusement Park
  4. Martian Mouse; Dark Wolf Strikes Back; Knockout Pig
  5. Musketeer Jr#; Galaxy Droopy; Return of the Ants
  6. Droopy Man Returns; Tom Thumped; Droopnet
  7. Right Brother Droopy; Cheap Skates; Hollywood Droopy
  8. Fallen Archers; When Knights Were Cold; The Mouth Is Quicker Than the Eye
  9. Mutton for Punishment; Cat Counselor Cal; Termite Terminator
  10. Bride of McWolfenstein; Hillbilly Hootenanny; El Smoocho
  11. Droopy Hockey; Hawkeye Tom; No Tom Like the Present
  12. Dirty Droopy; Two Stepping Tom; Disc Temper
  13. Order in Volleyball Court; King Wildmouse; Space Chase (Series Finale)