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Wikidata-objekt som är kopplade till många Wikipedia-språkversioner men inte svenska visas här. Beskrivningarna är på engelska. "#WP" är antal Wikipedia-språklänkar. Orter och administrativa enheter finns på Wikipedia:Wikidata/Saknade artiklar/Platser. Personer finns på Wikipedia:Wikidata/Saknade artiklar/Personer. Astronomiska objekt finns på Wikipedia:Wikidata/Saknade artiklar/Astronomiska objekt.

Objekt Beskrivning instans av #WP
PIA Flight 661 fatal air accident in Havelian, Pakistan flygolycka 29
Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances international treaty of Ukraine, the United States of America, Russia, and the United Kingdom traktat 24
buddhism i Sri Lanka history and demographics of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon 26
västflamländska Germanic language spoken in West Flanders, French Flanders and in the west of Zeelandic Flanders dialektgrupp
enskilt språk
modernt språk
i riskzonen för att vara hotat språk
buddhistisk konst artistic practices that are influenced by Buddhism konstgenre 26
Nobiles nobility in Ancient Rome social class in ancient Rome 20
buddhistisk skrift historic literature of Buddhism 26
buddhistisk filosofi elaboration and explanation of the delivered teachings of the Buddha 39
lista över filmfestivaler Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 20
Budka Suflera Polish band musikgrupp 33
kritik av Wikipedia overview about the criticism of Wikipedia Wikipediaöversiktsartikel 30
Buhen fortress fästning
arkeologisk lokal
periodisk litteratur serial publication that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule 39
Buick Regal executive car bilmodell 20
list of Formula One constructors Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 24
formal logic the study of propositions, statements, and deductive arguments; the practice of deriving conclusions from premises akademisk disciplin 21
iPhone 12‌ Pro smartphones released by Apple Inc. in 2020 as part of their fourteenth-generation iPhone lineup modellserie 23
photovoltaic power station type of solar power station, large-scale photovoltaic system 25
2021 Vuelta a España cycling race Vuelta a España
Francophonie all of the people and institutions that use predominantly French språkområde 30
Bulgariens vetenskapsakademi academy of sciences vetenskapsakademi
open access-förlag
nationell akademi
Bulgarian Cup football tournament nationell fotbollscup 26
Bulgarian National Television television station TV-station 28
luftbroms flight control surface used on an aircraft to increase drag 20
gazetteer geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas referenslitteratur
Dendrocygna genus of birds taxon 35
GAZ-53 Soviet 4x2 utility truck lastbilsmodell 20
Don't Breathe 2 2021 film directed by Rodo Sayagues film 22
Gallaeci large Celtic tribal federation who inhabited Gallaecia, the north-western corner of Iberia folk 20
lista över städer i Idaho Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 22
Aespa South Korean girl group flickgrupp 29
hindu adherent of Hinduism religiös identitet
etnisk grupp
etnoreligiös grupp
Hellbound South Korean fantasy TV series by Yeon Sang-ho TV-serie 20
Emilia Romagna Grand Prix formula One Grand Prix återkommande sportevenemang 26
Culture Day national holiday in Japan allmänna helgdagar i Japan 23
2021 FIA Formula 2 Championship säsong av seriespel eller idrottstävling 21
cohabitation government condition in semi-presidential systems 20
Šarena Mosque mosque in Tetovo, North Macedonia moské 20
Lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drim­hypo­trimmato­silphio­karabo­melito­katakechy­meno­kichl­epi­kossypho­phatto­perister­alektryon­opte­kephallio­kigklo­peleio­lagoio­siraio­baphe­tragano­pterygon fictional dish and longest word in ancient Greek language fiktiv mat
Buran programme Soviet reusable spaceplane programme rymdprogram
Lake Burdur lake in Burdur and Isparta provinces, Turkey insjö 20
lista över städer i Sydsudan Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 25
Boer Republics former countries in southern Africa grupp 22
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City 2021 film directed by Johannes Roberts film 21
Yeşilköy neighbourhood in the district of Bakırköy Istanbul, Turkey mahalle 22
2020 Kabul University attack armed terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan terroristaktion 26
Den vita tigern 2021 Indian film film 20
Ushguli community of villages in Upper Svaneti, Georgia samhälle 24
63rd Annual Grammy Awards 2021 edition of the Annual Grammy Awards prisceremoni 20
Google Public DNS Domain Name System service offered by Google webbtjänst
DNS server
Kinostudija Gorkogo film studio in Moscow, Russia (e. 1915) filmstudio
Hikone slott castle japanskt slott
lista över historiska huvudstäder Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 23
Château de Montségur borg 21
Odawara slott Japanese castle japanskt slott 21
2020 Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement armistice agreement ending the Nagorno-Karabakh war traktat 31
78th Golden Globe Awards annual American movie awards Golden Globe Award ceremony 27
STAYC South Korean girl group flickgrupp 20
burka rough raincoat 21
Burkitt lymphoma type of cancer ovanlig sjukdom 25
The Guilty 2021 film directed by Antoine Fuqua film 20
Tursiops australis species of dolphin taxon 23
Kot Diji archeological site that predates the Indus Civilization samhälle
arkeologisk lokal
business process outsourcing industri 20
Butterbrot buttered bread sort av mat eller maträtt 21
tebuske species of plant taxon 85
bytownite mineral: intermediate member of a solid solution series (70 to 90 % anorthite and albite) varietet 25
Byzantine Iconoclasm Two periods in the history of the Byzantine Empire when the use of religious images or icons was opposed by religious and imperial authorities. ikonoklasm 34
zuni language of the Zuni people enskilt språk
modernt språk
i riskzonen för att vara hotat språk
Siege of Van siege belägring
Bohemian Switzerland Region in northwestern Czech Republic skyddat område
medborgare member of a state and a community roll 27
participatory budgeting decision-making process 21
Armagnac–Burgundian Civil War French civil war between the Armagnac and Burgundian factions inbördeskrig 20
seventh chord a chord consisting of a triad plus a note forming an interval of a seventh above the chord's root 20
musikskola institution specializing in music education 21
koranism Islamic view that holds the Qur'an to be the primary authentic source of Islamic faith riktning inom islam 36
virtual office part of the flexible workspace industry 20
windcatcher Iranian architectural element 30
list of limits Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 20
kubikcentimeter unit of volume volymenhet 38
Bōsō Peninsula peninsula halvö 24
North Central Coast region of Vietnam region of Vietnam 24
C++ Standard Library collection of classes and functions, which are written in the core language and part of the C++ ISO Standard itself standard library 22
C dur tonality dur
CTrain light rail transit system in Calgary, Alberta spårvägssystem 20
Maputo International Airport airport in Mozambique internationell flygplats
aerodrom med kommersiellt trafikflyg
stereolithography form of 3D printing that uses photopolymerization 3D printing process 20
Tablighi Jamaat Islamic missionary movement organisation
Akika Islamic tradition Dhabiha 29
waterspout weather phenomenon characterized by an intense columnar vortex that occurs over a body of water 40
Club Atlético Talleres sports club in Argentina fotbollsklubb
CCTV-5 television station specialty channel
CCTV-1 television channel in China TV-kanal 25
Club Olimpia Deportivo football club fotbollsklubb 21
CMA CGM shipping company företag 23
Kepler–Poinsot polyhedron regular star polyhedron 25
Comunicaciones FC Guatemalan association football club fotbollsklubb 22
Defensa y Justicia Argentine football club fotbollsklubb 22
C.S.D. Municipal association football club fotbollsklubb 21
CSM Politehnica Iași association football club in Romania fotbollsklubb 24
CS Concordia Chiajna association football club in Chiajna, Romania fotbollsklubb 20
CS Sfaxien Tunisian association football club fotbollsklubb 26
Zamenhofdagen commemoration in Esperanto culture årlig händelse
Greater Toronto Area the largest metropolitan area in Canada, centered on Toronto, Ontario storstadsområde 23
Uzbekistans geografi overview of the geography of Uzbekistan geografisk plats geografi 24
Arsuf castle ruin borgruin
arkeologisk lokal
crusader castle
församling type of ecclesiastical subdivision of a diocese typ av administrativ indelning 70
Caddoan languages family of Native American languages språkfamilj 25
Ayutthaya Historical Park Historical Park in Thailand historical park of Thailand 34
Isha Upanishad One of the ancient Sanskrit scriptures of Hinduism Upanishaderna 24
parasit organism adapted to living on or in another organism and causing harm to its host way of life 26
mordet på Julius Caesar stabbing attack that caused the death of Julius Caesar politiskt mord
Café de la Régence kafé 26
Cairo International Film Festival annual film festival held in Cairo, Egypt filmfestival 21
ISO 3166-2:SM data set of a specific country 21
Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood in Jerusalem, State of Palestine neighborhood of Jerusalem 21
aldol condensation type of chemical reaction 24
epigenesis process by which an organism develops through a sequence of steps in which cells differentiate and organs form 22
Vijayadashami annual Hindu festival, celebrated at the end of Navaratri festival 32
The World's Most Powerful People annual ranking of the the world's most powerful people compiled and published by American business magazine Forbes rankad lista 21
sunshine recorder meteorological instrumentation 21
Govardhan Hill hill and Hindu pilgrimage area in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, India kulle 20
passive optical network telecommunications technology used to provide fiber to the end consumer 21
grafisk teknik visual presentation on some surface metod
Grammy Award för årets sång American music award for excellent songwriting Grammy Award
klass av utmärkelse
Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park Italian national park nationalpark 20
projectile motion form of motion of an object that has velocities in both the dimensions 30
rattlesnake group of venomous snakes of the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus klass organismer kända med ett särskilt vanligt namn 26
Grover's algorithm algorithm sökalgoritm
Cambridge University Library main research library of the University of Cambridge in England universitetsbibliotek
list of cities and towns in Greenland Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 21
Camden Town tube station London Underground station tunnelbanestation i London 21
biologins filosofi subfield of philosophy of science gren inom filosofi 24
petiole the stalk of a leaf växtdel 31
Talysh people ethnic group etnisk grupp 45
Camille Claudel 1988 film by Bruno Nuytten film 21
barnprostitution prostitution involving a child aktivitet 32
barnskydd protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse 20
University of National and World Economy university in Sofia, Bulgaria universitet 24
Chak De! India 2007 Hindi-language Indian sports drama film directed by Shimit Amin film 29
Hunnic Empire nomadic empire in Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries historisk stat
nomadic empire
kokosfiber vegetable fiber from coconuts 28
Hair 2011 song by Lady Gaga sång
Vanuatus premiärminister position officiellt ämbete 21
USA:s energiminister position befattning 23
latte art art of producing visual designs on the surface of a latte 27
Campagnolo bicycle part manufacturing company företag
bicycle part manufacturing company
anti-authoritarianism opposition to authoritarianism politisk ideologi 23
Saudiarabiens ekonomi economy of the country nationell ekonomi 27
list of metropolitan areas in Europe Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 23
viral video video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing 31
lista över USA:s vicepresidenter Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 39
Gzhelian fourth and last age of the Pennsylvanian epoch etage
öppen utbildning free culture movement rörelsen för fri kultur 20
pushback airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power procedur 22
Gezer calendar small limestone tablet with an early Canaanite inscription artefakt
discovered text
Habsburgska Nederländerna the entire period of Habsburg rule in the Low Countries personalunion
historisk stat
Southern Patagonian Ice Field Glacier of Chile and Argentina glaciär 24
aircraft catapult device used to launch aircraft from ships 23
HF-24 Marut 1961 fighter aircraft family by Hindustan Aircraft Limited flygmaskinsfamilj 21
Pteropoda order of molluscs taxon 21
Canadian Championship annual professional soccer tournament nationell fotbollscup 20
Estádio Municipal de Aveiro stadium in Aveiro, Portugal stadion 25
Qashqadaryo River river in Uzbekistan flod 22
Canary Wharf tube station London Underground station tunnelbanestation i London
underjordisk järnvägsstation
Spanish solution
Rädda Willy 3 1997 family film directed by Sam Pillsbury film 20
Grand Lisboa building in Macau, China skyskrapa 28
1180s BC decade decennium 26
Jabal al-Nour Holy mountain in Saudia Arabia berg 22
avlidna 2000 Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 22
Canning Town London Underground and Docklands Light Railway station tunnelbanestation i London 20
Cantigas de Santa Maria collection of Galician cantigas (songs with music), preserved in several manuscripts litterärt verk 24
canticle Christian song of praise with lyrics from biblical or holy texts other than the Psalms musikgenre
typ av sång
Cantor–Bernstein–Schroeder theorem theorem teorem 20
Hartmann's mountain zebra subspecies of mammal taxon 21
scope region of a computer program where a name binding is valid 20
Cappella Palatina royal chapel in Palermo, Sicily kapell 22
västmariskspråkiga Wikipedia Hill Mari-language edition of Wikipedia språkversion av Wikipedia 20
capri pants calf-length trousers 23
Captain America 1990 American-Yugoslavian superhero film directed by Albert Pyun film 22
Cardium pottery archaeological culture arkeologisk kultur 26
NMR spectroscopy nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy fysikgren 28
information revolution economic, social and technological trends beyond the Industrial Revolution term 25
irakiska köket culinary traditions of Iraq nationellt kök 23
vernacular common speech variety of a specific population, as opposed to standard, national, literary or scientific idiom, or a lingua franca 34
loss function in statistics, a function representing the cost associated with an event 20
Pierre-sur-Haute military radio station French military communications site militär anläggning
occupational safety discipline that aims to promote the protection of the people at occupation vetenskapsgren
akademiskt huvudämne
akademisk disciplin
administrativ territoriell enhet av Brasilien subdivisions of Brazil 23
bovetegryn type of porridge 26
2021–22 Bundesliga 59th season of Germany top-tier football league säsong av seriespel eller idrottstävling 22
The Marksman 2021 film directed by Robert Lorenz film 20
Obshchina farmer community type of the Russian Empire 21
food technology academic discipline regarding the healthy preparation of foods akademisk disciplin
akademiskt huvudämne
Lupin 2021 French television series TV-serie 27
Evermore 2020 studio album by Taylor Swift musikalbum 25
stad i Filippinerna tier of local government in the Philippines 28
Star Wars: Visions American-Japanese animated anthology series set in the Star Wars universe Original Net Animation 20
phototransistor transistor that is photosensitive Transistor
optoelectronic device
Polynesians ethnic group etnisk grupp
ethnolinguistic group
Toniná pre-Columbian archaeological site arkeologisk lokal 22
M198 1969 mobile 155 mm howitzer by Rock Island Arsenal vapenmodell 21
Ta’ Qali town småstad 22
Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran governing body of association football in Iran fotbollsförbund
ideell organisation
Basilica of Our Lady of Carmel church in Florence, Italy mindre basilika 20
sockerbit sugar shaped into a cube, often used for coffee or tea 22
Tessitura pitch range of musical instruments klassifikation
Vita armén anti-Bolshevik movement in the Russian Civil War fraktion 44
Tenzing-Hillary Airport airport in Lukla, Nepal flygplats
aerodrom med kommersiellt trafikflyg
list of Crimean khans Wikimedia list article Wikimedia-listartikel 20