Betty Trask Award

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Betty Trask Award är ett årligt brittiskt litterärt pris som utdelas av Society of Authors och ges till en debutroman skriven av en medborgare i samväldet och som är under 35 år. Priset instiftades 1984. Priset ges till traditionella- eller kärleksromaner.

Lista över pristagare[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Denna lista är ej komplett.

År Författare Bok Pris
1984 Clare Nonhebel Cold Showers £6,750
James Buchan A Parish of Rich Women £1,000
1985 Susan Kay Legacy £12,500
1986 Tim Parks Tongues of Flame £9,000
Matthew Kneale Whore Banquets £1,000
Kate Saunders The Prodigal Father £1,000
1987 James Maw Hard Luck £8,000
Peter Benson The Levels £4,500
H.S. Bhabra Gestures £1,000
1988 Candia McWilliam A Case of Knives £6,500
Glenn Patterson Burning Your Own £2,000
1990 Robert McLiam Wilson Ripley Bogle £16,000
Nicholas Shakespeare The Vision of Elena Silves £3,000
1991 Amit Chaudhuri A Strange and Sublime Address £10,000
Lesley Glaister Honour Thy Father £2,000
Nino Ricci Lives of the Saints £2,000
1992 Tibor Fischer Under the Frog £3,000
Edward St Aubyn Never Mind £3,000
1993 Joanna Briscoe Mothers and Other Lovers £3,000
1994 Colin Bateman Divorcing Jack £3,000
Nadeem Aslam Season of the Rainbirds £10,000
Guy Burt After the Hole £1,000
1995 Mark Behr The Smell of Apples £8,000
Madeleine Wickham The Tennis Party £1,000
1996 Meera Syal Anita and Me £2,000
John Lanchester The Debt to Pleasure £8,000
1997 Alex Garland The Beach £12,000
Ardashir Vakil Beach Boy £5,000
Diran Adebayo Some Kind of Black £1,500
1998 Kiran Desai Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard £10,000
Nick Earls Zigzag Street £8,000
Tobias Hill Underground £1,000
1999 Elliot Perlman Three Dollars £7,000
Giles Foden The Last King of Scotland £4,000
Sarah Waters Tipping the Velvet £1,000
Catherine Chidgey In a Fishbone Church £6,000
Dennis Bock Olympia £3,000
Rajeev Balasubramanyam In Beautiful Disguises £2,500
2001 Zadie Smith White Teeth £8,000
Mohsin Hamid Moth Smoke £2,500
Justin Hill The Drink and Dream Teahouse £5,000
Maggie O'Farrell After You'd Gone £5,000
Patrick Neate Musungu Jim £2,500
Shamim Sarif The World Unseen £2,500
2002 Hari Kunzru The Impressionist £8,000
Rachel Seiffert The Dark Room £5,000
Helen Cross My Summer of Love £2,000
Gwendoline Riley Cold Water £2,000
2003 Stephanie Merritt Gaveston £4,000
Jon McGregor If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things £10,000
Adam Thirlwell Politics £1,000
Zoë Strachan Negative Space £2,000
2005 Susan Fletcher Eve Green £16,000
Diana Evans 26a £2,000
Helen Walsh Brass £2,000
2006 Nick Laird Utterly Monkey £10,000
Nicola Monaghan The Killing Jar £5,000
Peter Hobbs The Short Day Dying £5,000
2007 Will Davis My Side of the Story £10,000
Adam Foulds The Truth About These Strange Times £2,500
Cynan Jones The Long Dry £2,500
Julie Maxwell You Can Live Forever £2,500
Karen Mcleod In Search of the Missing Eyelash £2,500
2008 David Szalay London and the South-East £10,000
Ross Raisin God's Own Country £6,000
Thomas Leveritt The Exchange Rate Between Love and Money £2,000
Anna Ralph The Floating Island £2,000