Golden Boy of Pye Corner

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Golden Boy of Pye Corner

Golden Boy of Pye Corner är en liten 1600-tals skulptur i hörnet av Giltspur Street och Cock Lane i distriktet Smithfield i centrum av London. Statyn som tidigare kallades "Fat Boy" (tjock pojke) markerar platsen där den Stora branden i London år 1666 stoppades. Statyn, som är av trä förgylldes på 1800-talet.[1] Under statyn står inskriptionen:

This Boy is in Memmory put up for the late Fire of LONDON in Occasion'd by the Sin og Gluttony.

Och cirka 3 meter längre ner:

The boy at Pye Corner was
erected to commemorate
the staying of the great
fire which beginning at
Pudding Lane was ascribed
to the Sin of Gluttony
when not attributed to
the papists as on the
Monument and the Boy was
made prodigiously fat to
enforce the moral he was
originally built into the
front of a public-house
Called The Fortune of War
Which used to occupy
This site and was pulled
Down in 1910

'The Fortune of War' was
The chief house of call
North of the River for
Resurrectionists in body
snatching days years ago
The landlord used to show
The room where on benches
Round the walls the bodies
Were placed labelled
With the snatchers'
names waiting till the
Surgeons at Saint
Bartholomew's could run
Round and appraise them

Golden Boy var ursprungligen placerad på Puben "The Fortune of War" men när huset revs år 1910 flyttades statyn till den kulturskyddade grannfastigheten.[1]

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