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{{collapse top}}-mallen (a.k.a. {{cot}}) och dess hoppassade mall {{collapse bottom}} (eller {{cob}}) används för att placera en kollapsruta runt en diskussionssida, särskilt när innehållet innehåller komplex wikimarkup som tabeller. För mycket enkelt innehåll kan mall {{collapse}} användas i stället.

Användning[redigera wikitext]

Placera {{collapse top}} och {{collapse bottom}} runt texten som ska vara hopfällbar. Till exempel:

{{Collapse top|title=Detta är titeltexten}}
{{lorem ipsum}}
{{Collapse bottom}}


Parametrar[redigera wikitext]

Denna mall har följande parametrar, vilka alla är valfria

positional parameter 1, named parameter 'title'
These parameters give the main title of collapsed box, which occurs on the same line as the show link and is always visible. It defaults to 'Extended content'.
If this parameter evaluates to true (i.e. is not empty) it will display a default warning line under the main title which reads "The following is a closed debate. Mall:Strongbad"
positional parameter 2
This is optional warning-line text. It will override the standard warning line above, and obviate the need for setting the 'warning' parameter.
If this parameter evaluates to true (i.e. is not empty) it will leave the material uncollapsed with the border and coloring. Default is to collapse the material.
Sets the background color of the collapsed material. Defaults to #CFC - a pleasant green. Other colors available from List of colors.
Sets the width of the border line on the collapsed material. defaults to 1px.
Sets the border color. defaults to silver.
Sets the padding on the collapsed material in the colored area. defaults to 8px
Sets the width of the overall template. Use |width=50%, not |Width=50% (Upper case "W" doesn't work) or |width=200 (omits "px" and doesn't work).
Sets the border of the box that appears when template is expanded; defaults to "1px silver" (no provision to change from a solid line)
Sets background of the box that appears when template is expanded; defaults to white.
indents the box from the left of the page. Use: |indent=50px not |Indent=50px (Upper case "I" doesn't work). Defaults to "do not indent" (ie, 0px). Each ":" in wiki-markup is approximately equivalent to 25px indent.

If an entire section is being closed, remove the section header and add it as the first parameter of the template. This keeps the section header from showing in the TOC.

Exempel[redigera wikitext]

  • ändrar bakgrundfärg - {{Collapse top|bg=#F0F2F5}} eller {{Collapse top|bg=#F0F2F5}}
  • lägger till extra utfyllnad - {{Collapse top|padding=40px}}
  • lägger till en varningslinje - {{Collapse top|default warning|warning=1}}, {{Collapse top|custom warning|this is a custom warning line}}
  • arkivera ett avsnitt
{{Collapse top}}
{{collapse bottom}}

omskriven som

{{Collapse top|avsnittsrubrik}}
{{collapse bottom}}

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