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Warning: The external links guideline on English-speaking Wikipedia recommends avoiding links to Facebook unless the profile is an official account, "controlled by the subject (organization or individual person) of the Wikipedia article".

Usage[redigera wikitext]

The first parameter for the {{Facebook-konto}} template is the name of the Facebook account. This can be found in the page's URL. For example: if the URL is, then the account name is example. The second parameter is the description or display name.

Examples[redigera wikitext]

In this example, the Facebook user account is markzuckerberg and the description in the link is Mark Zuckerberg:

 {{Facebook-konto|markzuckerberg|Mark Zuckerberg}}

In this example, there's an ID instead of user name:

 {{Facebook-konto|id=markzuckerberg/68310606562|name=Mark Zuckerberg}}

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