A Thousand Suns

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A Thousand Suns
Studioalbum av Linkin Park
GenreAlternativ rock
SkivbolagWarner Bros. Records
ProducentRick Rubin
Mike Shinoda
Linkin Park-kronologi
Minutes to Midnight
A Thousand Suns
Living Things

A Thousand Suns är den amerikanska gruppen Linkin Parks fjärde studioalbum. Albumet släpptes i september 2010.

Låtlista[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "The Requiem"
  2. "The Radiance"
  3. "Burning in the Skies"
  4. "Empty Spaces"
  5. "When They Come for Me"
  6. "Robot Boy"
  7. "Jornada del Muerto"
  8. "Waiting for the End"
  9. "Blackout"
  10. "Wretches and Kings"
  11. "Wisdom, Justice, and Love"
  12. "Iridescent"
  13. "Fallout"
  14. "The Catalyst"
  15. "The Messenger"

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