Greatest Hits (musikalbum av Kylie Minogue)

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Greatest Hits är ett samlingsalbum av Kylie Minogue, utgivet den 24 augusti 1992. Albumet innehåller 19 singlar och 3 nyinspelade låtar.

Låtlista[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "I Should Be So Lucky"
  2. "Got to Be Certain"
  3. "The Loco-Motion"
  4. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"
  5. "Especially for You" (duett med Jason Donovan)
  6. "Turn It into Love"
  7. "It's No Secret"
  8. "Hand on Your Heart"
  9. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  10. "Never Too Late"
  11. "Tears on My Pillow"
  12. "Better the Devil You Know"
  13. "Step Back in Time"
  14. "What Do I Have to Do?"
  15. "Shocked (DNA Remix)"
  16. "Word Is Out"
  17. "If You Were with Me Now" (duett med Keith Washington)
  18. "Give Me Just a Little More Time"
  19. "Finer Feelings"
  20. "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)"
  21. "Where In The World?"
  22. "Celebration"