The Artist in the Ambulance

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The Artist in the Ambulance, ett musikalbum av Thrice, släppt den 22 juli, 2003.

Låtar på albumet[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "Cold Cash And Colder Hearts"
  2. "Under A Killing Moon"
  3. "All That's Left"
  4. "Silhouette"
  5. "Stare At The Sun"
  6. "Paper Tigers"
  7. "Hoods On Peregrine"
  8. "The Melting Point Of Wax"
  9. "Blood Clots And Black Holes"
  10. "The Artist In The Ambulance"
  11. "The Abolition Of Man"
  12. "Don't Tell And We Won't Ask"