Third Album

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Third Album
Studioalbum av The Jackson 5
Utgivning8 september 1970
InspelatApril–juli 1970
ProducentThe Corporation & Hal Davis
The Jackson 5-kronologi
Third Album
The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

Third Album är ett musikalbum av The Jackson 5, utgivet 1970. Albumet var gruppens tredje.

Låtlista[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  1. "I'll Be There" (Gordy/West/Davis/Hutch)
  2. "Ready or Not (Here I Come)" (Bell/Hart)
  3. "Oh How Happy" (Starr)
  4. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Simon)
  5. "Can I See You in the Morning?" (Richards)
  6. "Goin' Back to Indiana" (The Corporation)
  7. "How Funky Is Your Chicken?" (Carr/Hutch/Hutch)
  8. "Mama's Pearl" (The Corporation)
  9. "Reach In" (Verdi)
  10. "The Love I Saw In You Was Just a Mirage" (Robinson/Tarplin)
  11. "Darling Dear" (Gordy/Gordy/Story)