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Din återkoppling på VisualEditor

Denna sida är till för att du ska kunna tala om för Wikimediautvecklarna vilka fel du stöter på när du använder VisualEditor här på Wikipedia. Det är fortfarande en testversion och har ett antal kända fel och funktioner som saknas. Vi välkomnar din återkoppling och dina idéer, speciellt på användargränssnittet vi bygger och prioriteringar för nya funktioner. Alla kommentarer läses men personliga svar garanteras inte. Om du vill anmäla ett fel som rör innehållet i någon artikel, använd istället Wikipedia:Anmäl ett fel.

En användarguide för VisualEditor finns på Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Användarguide. Josve05a hjälper lokalt till att hålla koll på den här sidan.

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Börja om från början[redigera wikitext]

Varför hoppar sidan upp varje gång jag deletar eller suddar bokstäver? 3 januari 2015 kl. 13.50 (CET)

Mycket underligt, det händer inte för mig. Vilken webbläsare och version av den använder du? Vilken knapp är det du trycker på när det händer? Ainali diskussionbidrag 3 januari 2015 kl. 14.54 (CET)

Citoid[redigera wikitext]

User:Ainali, I don't remember if I ever showed you the list of the most referenced domain on articles. It may be useful to test how the most used sources in your language are doing in Citoid. HTH, --Elitre (WMF) (diskussion) 11 augusti 2015 kl. 17.42 (CEST)

Elitre (WMF): No, I don't think so. But that cannot be right. Since we have a lot of bot-created articles I expect some sources to be used at least tens (perhaps even hundreds) of thousands of times. One of these are How was that data derived? Ainali diskussionbidrag 11 augusti 2015 kl. 21.21 (CEST)
It seems the derivation effort works for English and Spanish Wikipedia, at least. I haven't checked the others. Maybe it has something to do with how different templates are interpreted and the Swedish Wikipedia citations are not "noticed".//Hannibal (diskussion) 11 augusti 2015 kl. 22.23 (CEST)

VisualEditor News #4—2015[redigera wikitext]

Elitre (WMF), 15 augusti 2015 kl. 00.28 (CEST)

Please read: a proposal to centralize VisualEditor feedback on[redigera wikitext]


Hello. The VisualEditor team would like to inform you of a plan to redirect local pages for VisualEditor feedback to the board on a few weeks from now. This applies to all the wikis where such pages are inactive or have low traffic, including yours. When this happens, editors will be free to use their own language to write on the's page - although English is the most popular language there. Even feedback left from within VisualEditor with the built-in tool will be posted to the board on

Click on the image to enlarge it: location of the built-in feedback tool in VisualEditor.
Click on the image to enlarge it: screenshot of the new feedback board on

Having all the feedback on a single, centralized place mainly means getting faster, more frequent replies and more attention from a higher number of people, including the people who are building the software. It also means chances are high, that editors will find that someone else has already written there about the issues or requests they wanted to post.

Maintaining a local page instead can be cumbersome: it needs to be checked frequently in case someone reports urgent issues. Old threads need to be archived from time to time. Off-topic comments should be removed to keep readability. Feedback left there is sometimes not easily understandable or actionable at all.

If at least one community member per wiki expressly commits to taking care of the local page, the redirect will not be necessary, although we need to establish a clear process with this person as soon as possible so that this person knows when to escalate issues to Phabricator or to Community Liaisons, and can receive useful tips based on our experience. Therefore, if you'd like to volunteer for this task, please leave a message on my talk page within one week. Otherwise, we'll redirect the feedback page and feedback from the built-in tool to at the given deadline. Thanks for your understanding, Elitre (WMF) 27 augusti 2015 kl. 21.18 (CEST)

PS, on other wikis I've posted this on village pumps as well, I won't do it here. Feel free to translate and copy it there if you want, or to just post a link there if you think more people need to see this. Thank you.
Looks like User:Josve05a will kindly take care of this page and save this community the hassle of posting VE questions elsewhere. Yay! Thank you! --Elitre (WMF) (diskussion) 22 september 2015 kl. 21.18 (CEST)

VisualEditor News #5—2015[redigera wikitext]

Elitre (WMF), 30 oktober 2015 kl. 19.17 (CET)

VisualEditor adds garbage to articles by both expanding template AND keeping the source code[redigera wikitext]

As can be seen from the following diffs, VisualEditor keeps introducing garbage code at the same place in the article Sverige. See the Zuckerman reference, which is the first reference in section Sverige#Religion. It looks like VisualEditor is expanding the template {{pdf}} but keeps the source code as well, meaning that there will be an extra icon with text added for each VisualEditor edit of this page. Is this previously reported?

--Larske (diskussion) 21 november 2015 kl. 13.30 (CET)

Larske, why is the template inside the link? --Elitre (WMF) (diskussion) 21 november 2015 kl. 15.17 (CET)
@Elitre (WMF): Thanks for your quick response. I don't know why it is there, but I can see that it has been there since almost 7 years and without any noted problem until VisualEditor came around. It would be great if you could change the behaviour of VisualEditor to not produce unexpected side effects that make the article look weird, in such cases. --Larske (diskussion) 21 november 2015 kl. 16.42 (CET)

Not a malfunction but an improvement proposal[redigera wikitext]

When using the automatic citation, i.e adding the url in the citation dialog box, anything that cannot be identified as something specific as a newspaper or a book is set to "cite web". I know this is because the website is not set up correctly. But it would be nice if it was possible to manually change that to "cite book" or "cite journal" or whatever is appropriate. For instance by allow the user to move each given parameter from "cite web" to appropriate field in "cite book" and then manually add parameters to correct fields in the "cite book" dialogue box. English is not my first language, but hopefully I have described it understandable.--LittleGun (diskussion) 24 november 2015 kl. 20.15 (CET)

Reported back in May, phab:T97936. Josve05a (prata med mig) 12 december 2015 kl. 00.19 (CET)

VisualEditor News #6—2015[redigera wikitext]

Elitre (WMF), 25 december 2015 kl. 01.06 (CET)