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Roger Dean 2008.

Roger Dean, född 31 augusti 1944 i Ashford i Kent, är en brittisk illustratör, konstnär, designer och förläggare. Han är bäst känd för sina skivomslag, som han började måla i slutet av 1960-talet, och då främst för rockgrupper som Yes och Asia. Omslagen föreställer ofta exotiska fantasilandskap, vilka verkar ha inspirerat landskapen i filmen Avatar.[1]

Lista på skivomslag av Roger Dean[redigera | redigera wikitext]

År Artist Album
1968 The Gun Gun
1969 Earth and Fire Earth and Fire
1970 Nucleus Elastic Rock
1970 Lighthouse Lighthouse
1970 Dr. Strangely Strange Heavy Petting
1970 Clear Blue Sky Clear Blue Sky
1971 Osibisa Osibisa
1971 Keith Tippett Group Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening
1971 Ramases Space Hymns
1971 Billy Cox Nitro Function
1971 Osibisa Woyaya
1971 Pete Dello and Friends Into Your Ears
1971 Yes Fragile
1971 Atomic Rooster In Hearing of Atomic Rooster
1972 John Dummer Blues Band Blue
1972 Gracious! This Is...Gracious!!
1972 Yes Close to the Edge
1972 Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards
1972 Gentle Giant Octopus
1972 Babe Ruth First Base
1972 Budgie Squawk
1972 Third Ear Band Music from Macbeth
1972 Uriah Heep The Magician's Birthday
1972 Paladin Charge!
1973 Greenslade Greenslade
1973 Magna Carta Lord of the Ages
1973 Yes Yessongs
1973 Budgie Never Turn Your Back on a Friend
1973 Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans
1973 McKendree Spring Spring Suite
1973 Badger One Live Badger
1973 Greenslade Bedside Manners Are Extra
1973 Snafu SNAFU
1974 Gravy Train Staircase to the Day
1974 Yes Relayer
1974 Yes Yesterdays
1975 Steve Howe Beginnings
1976 Dave Greenslade Cactus Choir
1977 John Lodge Natural Avenue
1979 Steve Howe The Steve Howe Album
1980 Yes Drama
1980 Yes Yesshows
1981 Yes Classic Yes
1982 Asia Asia
1983 Asia Alpha
1983 Barry Devlin Breaking Starcodes
1985 Asia Astra
1989 It Bites Eat Me in St. Louis
1989 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
1990 Asia Then & Now
1991 Yes Union
1991 Steve Howe Turbulence
1991 Yes Yesyears
1992 Yes Yesstory
1993 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe An Evening of Yes Music Plus
1993 Symphonic Music of Yes
1993 Rick Wakeman Rick Wakeman’s Greatest Hits
1994 Steve Howe Not Necessarily Acoustic
1994 Asia Aria
1995 Uriah Heep Sea of Light
1995 Various artists Tales from Yesterday
1995 Yes Yessongs (LaserDisc)
1996 Various artists Supernatural Fairy Tales: The Progressive Rock Era
1996 Yes Keys to Ascension
1996 Budgie An Ecstasy of Fumbling - The Definitive Anthology
1997 The London Philharmonic Orchestra Us and Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd
1997 Space Needle The Moray Eels Eat The Space Needle
1997 Yes Keys to Ascension 2
1997 Yes Open Your Eyes
1997 London Symphony Orchestra Symphonic Rock: American Classics
1997 London Symphony Orchestra Symphonic Rock: The British Invasion, Vol. 1
1998 London Symphony Orchestra Symphonic Rock: The British Invasion, Vol. 2
1998 Ad Infinitum Ad Infinitum
1998 Various artists Yes, Friends and Relatives
1998 Yes Keys to Ascension Volumes 1 and 2
1999 Yes The Ladder
1999 Rick Wakeman Return to the Centre of the Earth
2000 Various artists Yes, Friends and Relatives Volume 2
2000 Yes House of Yes: Live from House of Blues
2001 Uriah Heep Acoustically Driven
2001 Yes Keystudio
2001 Uriah Heep Remasters: The Official Anthology
2001 Atomic Rooster Resurrection
2001 Asia Aura
2002 Yes In a Word: Yes (1969–)
2002 Vermilion Flattening Mountains and Creating Empires
2003 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic The Iridium Controversy
2003 Steve Howe Elements
2004 Yes The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
2005 Glass Hammer The Inconsolable Secret
2005 Yes The Word Is Live
2006 Alan White White
2008 Asia Phoenix
2010 Asia Omega

Böcker av Roger Dean[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Dean har gett ut tre böcker om sitt skapande. Framgångarna med första boken, Views från 1975, ledde till att Dean startade sitt eget förlag Paper Tiger Books.

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