John Worthington (teolog)

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John Worthington, född 1618 i Manchester, död 1671 i London, var en engelsk teolog och filosof, känd som en av Cambridgeplatonikerna.

Bibliografi[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  • The Christian’s Pattern (engelsk översättning av Thomas a Kempis Kristi efterföljelse, 1654)
  • Life of Joseph Mede (1672)
  • A Form of Sound Words: or a Scripture Catechism; shewing what a Christian is to believe and practise in order to Salvation (1673)
  • The Great Duty of Self-Resignation to the Divine Will (1675)
  • The Doctrines of the Resurrection and the Reward to come, considered as the grand Motives to an Holy Life (1690)
  • Charitas Evangelica: a Discourse of Christian Love (1691)
  • Forms of Prayer for a Family (1693, 1721)
  • Miscellanies … also a Collection of Epistles; with the Author's Character by Archbishop Tillotson (1704)
  • Select Discourses … with the Author’s Character (1725)
  • Diary and Correspondence of Dr. John Worthington (2 band, 1847–86)

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